Can You Bleach A Mole?

April 6, 2012

Many guys out there are having moles. In actual facts, mole can help to add to your great looks. It can be allowed to grow on the skin; since they do not have any negative impact at all on the skin. There are some forms of moles that can lead to cancer. But this form of mole is very scarce. When you have moles on you, it has a way of adding to your great looks. Many of the celebrities out there are actually having this skin condition and they do not bother about removing it. You too can decide to leave it alone on the skin.

Desire to remove moles    

Do you still want to get rid of your moles? Well, no problem. There are some simple things you can do to get rid of the skin condition and you can get things done using very simple methods. One of the simple things you can do is to bleach off the moles. You need to note that only moles that are not precancerous can be bleached this way.

The normal mole

The normal mole that can be bleached is perfectly round. It is also very small in size. Its edges and top are smooth. The color will also be dark brown. But if you notice any mole that has a different color or shape aside this, you should avoid bleaching it. It may be better to visit the hospital for proper diagnoses. This is because what you have on your skin may actually be a precancerous growth.

Bleaching products

In case you want to bleach your normal moles, you can depend on several products that are specially made for this purpose. There are many bleaching products that can be used on the mole without any problem. Many of them are made into topical creams and you can simply apply the topical creams on the moles normally.    Many of t topical products mentioned above contain hydroquinone. Hydroquinone can help you to bleach the moles and return the area to its normal color.

Careful selection of bleaching products

Before you make use of any bleaching product to remove moles from your skin, you need to find out about the concentration of the hydroquinone in the bleaching product. If the hydroquinone is more than 5% concentration, you should not use such a product. This is because such a product can lead to further complications on your skin.


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