Precancerous Moles

February 16, 2012

Anyone having the normal mole should never bother about the moles leading to cancer. It is completely benign and it can even add to your beautiful looks. Many individual having moles do not bother about getting them removed. When you see moles on your skin, you may not really bother about the skin condition. Moles normally look oval. They can also have dark, pinkish or brown color. The size is also generally small. They can be so many to the extent that some individuals can have as many as 50 moles on them.

Do you know that moles can actually have some problems on you? There are times that moles can lead to some complications and end up becoming cancerous. Such moles are referred to as precancerous moles. This is one of the things you need to watch out for in case you have moles on you.

From the information above, you would have realized that it is not all moles that are actually benign. Some of them are actually very dangerous and they lead to cancer. There is an abnormal form of moles that is called dysplastic nevus. This form of mole is rather very rare. Those who have it can end up with cancer. Everything about this abnormal form of mole is different from the normal thing. The shape of this particular type of mole is rather different from the normal mole. It is also bigger than normal.

Its general appearance

The normal mole looks perfectly circular and it is very small in size. Someone who is at a far distance from you may not be able to even see it on you. But the case is different with the one that can lead to cancer; it is larger and looks rough.   This form of mole is also flat and raised all at the same time.  It tends to have a larger size in comparison with the normal mole. This form of mole does not have a dark color; rather, it looks pinkish or brown. The areas where the abnormal moles can be found include the back, the breast, the chest, the buttock and the scalp.

How to put things under control

You should not hesitate to visit the hospital immediately you notice the precancerous looking mole on you. The abnormal moles can be removed through surgery. Scalpel is used to remove the mole and the open wound will be stitched together.



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